Newton’s Cradle (Enabled Solutions)

Cost as reviewed: FREE

This application is currently in the top 25 free apps so I decided to check it out. Pretty much all this program does is simulate that popular desktop gadget that has hanging metal balls that knock into each other and keep swinging back and forth. Okay, that was a really horrible explanation but if you don’t already know what it is from the images below, then you’ll just need to download it to try it out.

While the app does function pretty much the same as the traditional desktop version, I doubt this is an app I will use very much. It just can’t compare to the feeling of those metal balls in between your fingers … Wait that didn’t come out right … What I mean is that the whole joy of this toy is seeing it in action in real life. Plus, although they’ve done a pretty good job with the physics, the sounds aren’t quite right yet, at least in my opinion.

This app is worth a download for nostalgia purposes, or if you’ve never seen one of these in action. However, this will never replace the real thing.

newton’s cradle Website

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