iChoose (Talee Talee)

Cost as reviewed: FREE

This application is another really simple one that could come in handy sometimes. If you are really indecisive, you could use this app to make simple yes or no or “either or” choices. There is a coin toss feature as well as a yes/no option. Of course, I rarely have no coins with me, and flipping a real coin is just so much more satisfying. In addition, when I’m being indecisive it’s usually because I know what I really want I just don’t want to admit it and I’m hoping someone else will choose the same thing so I don’t have to. 😉

In addition to helping with binary choices it also has a dice feature so you can roll virtual dice. The last option it has is a card chooser. It will randomly select any card from a 52 card deck. These last two could maybe be fun for drinking games, but what would make this app really cool would be the option of “playing” against someone else so whoever gets the lower card or lower dice roll is the one that has to drink. I suppose you can do this by taking turns, but if you could network two or more iPhones simultaneously, that would be fun. Of course, I don’t play many (i.e. none) drinking games myself, but … I can imagine how this could be fun.

Talee Talee Website


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